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Hyperlocalise your newsroom


Network Map

Provides the information and location of the reporters present in your organisation. Easily add assignments to your reporters with a single click.


Event Map

Gives the information of all the individual events happening aroud you. Also cnnects the reporters of your organisation to the events.

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Geospatial and Human-Centric AI

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Newsg8r uses Modern Al to enable your newsroom to win the breaking news game and assists executives in making data backed decisions. We provide high-tech, archival and delivery solutions for superior control across platforms and enhanced monetisation over existing networks

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Our AI system co-functions with people in your newsroom and on-field. Empowers their skills with data-driven decision support. We combine, meticulously designed workflows, and hollistic system designed to address the complexitites of the news value chain

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WhatsApp Image 2021-01-16 at 8.17.43 AM.

Model Based Reinforcement Learning

Content Recommendations

Know what content will drive better engagement with your audience.

Our Al understands you as individual; Classifies your skills, preferences and unique niche to recommend content for your stories.


Coverage Recommendations

Our Geospatial Engine points out the possible news hotspots as heat clusters around you. Where and how far the reporters are at any given right time. Win the breaking news game decisively!

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