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News Asset Manager

Easily organize, edit and share your news assets all in one place

News Asset Management

Our intelligent digital assets manager organises your content in new-ready glacier archive.

1. Publish ready catalogue

Multimedia news assets easy to browse and instantly accessible significantly reducing time to publish.

2. Metadata and Tagging

AI powered for organisation of content makes it easier to discover and organise archives.

3. Advance Search

Intelligent search engine with multiple search-filters based on location, reporter, assignments and events.


Network and Performance Management

Access and manage your network, network performance through interactive AI data dashboards.

1. Effective Monitoring 

Activity of field reporters and newsroom teams across assignments, downloads, uploads and ratings

2. Usage Apportionment Dashboard

Get interactive graphs for apportionment usage and downloads for all the team across newsrooms and formats

Smart Assignments

Assign and  monitor customised coverage tasks digitally with timed tracking and location

1. Assignment Timeline

Visualise all content and updates in an assignment on a live timeline

2. Raise Live Updates 
Add additional briefs for reporters in real time and get notified every time you receive a coverage.

3. User Ratings

Rate contributors for quality, timeliness and accuracy.


Centralized Secure Storage

We use Amazon Web Services to store and retrieve the assets. AWS provides the top line storage system which is highly optimised.


Integration with Existing Systems

Our system can be integrated into an existing intranet or website so that the source files are stored in one location only, but displayed wherever required.


Reporting Tools

Enables the adminitrators to track and monitor all his staff like writers, editors and reporters across the newsroom.


Upload, Process and Download

Our system identifies any existing metadata tagging associated with the file, indexes the file for searching, recognises the type of file and decides on this basis the type of thumbnail image to display on the system.


Workflow Management

Enables files on the system to fit into an organisation's existing review and approval process.


Content Rights

Assets once stored are licesed to that particular company and can claim a copyright if any other organisation or company duplicates the content.

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